About Us

This blog used to be about playing horrible games and being glib and stupid about them. It’s not anymore. It’s not really about anything anymore; I still do the occasional review, but not nearly as often, as I’ve lost my taste for commentary.

However, I do maintain that I could give less than a shit about multiplayer games. In fact, I’ll go ahead and get all the reviews for every multiplayer game you’ve ever played out of the way right now; sixteen assholes camp on the same map every night for four years while gleefully teabagging each other and making random sexual comments about mothers, all while failing to grasp the most elusive mother of all, irony. Yes, you’re all still douchebags in the real world. Pull up your pants.


One response to “About Us

  1. Please post some more reviews and keep this review blog/site going! You have a great thing going here.

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